Don't Let Mold Harm Your Health

Get an air quality assessment in the Egg Harbor Township, NJ area

Are you constantly dealing with cold symptoms? Do you feel like your allergies never improve? It might be time to schedule an in-home air quality assessment to test for mold.

Indoor Air Quality Services offers air quality testing in Egg Harbor Township, NJ and the surrounding area. We'll collect air samples and test them for hazardous spores and allergens.

Protect your health and home from toxic mold by calling 609-517-7415 now.

Breathe easy in your space

With a completed air quality assessment, you'll be able to take action against the mold in your home. Say goodbye to feeling sick and tired - you can restore clean, fresh air by requesting our mold remediation services. This process includes:

  • Removing mold-ridden materials
  • Cleaning any affected surfaces
  • Drying out contaminated spaces
  • Repairing any water damage
  • Inspecting your home for remnants

Stop mold from causing serious damage. If you think that your air quality is being compromised, contact us for a comprehensive air quality testing.